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A Model for School Chaplaincy (JIM01)

Christ the Teacher - An Icon for Jesuit Schools (JIM02)

An Introduction to the Mass (JIM03 and SVi/3)

A Model for Understanding the Identity and Mission of a Jesuit School (JIM04)

Our Way of Proceeding in Education: The Ratio Studiorum (JIM07) by Gabriel Codina SJ

AMDG to LDS - An Overview of Jesuit Education (JIM08)

Positive Behaviour in Jesuit Schools (JIM09) by Adrian Porter SJ

Appointing a Head Teacher for a Jesuit School (JIM11) by Adrian Porter SJ

Governing a Jesuit School: An Introduction for New Governors (and School Leaders) (JIM12)

Cura Personalis (JIM13) by Peter-Hans Kolvenbach SJ

Guidance on the Use of the School Chapel (JIM15)

For the Greater Glory of God and the More Universal Good (JIM16) by Rowan Williams

Jesus the Humble Leader (JIM17) by Andrew Gordon-Brown

What Magis Really Means and Why It Matters (JIM18) by Bart Geger SJ

The Big Assembly (JIM20) by Pope Benedict XVI

Lay-Led Liturgy - A Guide to Developing Liturgy in Schools (JIM21)

Celebrating Liturgy with Children (inlcuding the Directory on Masses with Children) (JIM22)

Music for the Liturgy - A Guide for Schools (JIM23) by Adrian Porter SJ

Consciousness Examen (JIM25) by George Aschenbrenner SJ

Using the Examen (JIM26) by Joseph Tetlow SJ

Eucharistic Adoration: Guidance for Schools (JIM29)

If You Meet Ignatius on the Road, Kill Him! by Michael Carey (JIM30)

Catholicism at a Glance (SVi/1) by Adrian Porter SJ

Catholic Schools and a Catholic Way of Seeing the World (SVi/2) by Chris Richardson

Why Young Adults Need Ignatian Spirituality (SVi/4) by Timothy Muldoon

The Classroom as Holy Ground (SVi/5) by Kevin O'Brien SJ

Other Jesuit Institute Publications

Applying to Teach in a Jesuit School

St Ignatius Loyola - The Man and his Spirit by Adrian Porter SJ

Ignatian Pedagogy - The Jesuit Method of Teaching and Learning (Abridged)

The Characteristics of Jesuit Education (Abridged)

The Jesuit Pupil Profile - Virtue and Learning in the Ignatian Tradition by Adrian Porter SJ

The Quiet Drum - The Story of St John Ogilvie SJ

Jesuit Schools - A Quick Introduction

The Examen - A Way to Pray each Day

Accompaniment in Education in the Tradition of St Ignatius